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A girl who wanna live day by day and create awesome memories
so when i'm gone i'll be remembered with pleasure.
- 30 secs of D.O's different voices
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Two Melodies Zion.T ft. Crush - JUNGKOOK
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Nothing Better - Jongdae&Kyungsoo
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sehun's upgraded "yehet" -
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Perfect Christmas - 조권, 임정희, 주희, 랩몬스터, 정국
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Perfect Christmas - Jungkook
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Jungkook Fansite Compilation (Fansites/Blogs/Daum/Tistory/Weibos)
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Sunshineboy - twitter / youtube
Peter Pan - twitter / youtube
Dandy Boy - twitter / youtube
Dazzling Boy - twitter / youtube
SnowPeach - twitter / youtube 
SHINE - twitter / youtube
WonderBoy - twitter / youtube
Night Breeze - twitter / youtube
Sweet Gold - twitter / youtube
Warning! - twitter / youtube
9월첫째날 - twitter / youtube
Everything OK - twitter / youtube
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BTS noname - twitter / youtube
BTS one - twitter / youtube
What u do - twitter / youtube
효정_Acha.m - twitter /  youtube / weibo 
SsindinunaBTS - twitter / youtube
Little Star - twitter / youtube
Jungkookstory - twitter / youtube
WarmStar暖星 - twitter / youtube
If I’ve missed any, please notify me and I’ll add it to the list. Have fun! hehehe~ 
Perfect Christmas - Jungkook
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Untitled (by sweetheart*)

cloudy (is my sunny mode) (by torne (where's my lens cap?))


avell do
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blanc de blancs
come in to d
d.o. forest
d.o. our best
dear one
do the motion
do the top
do trust
do you remember
doh heart
dream of d.o.
drunk on you
for d.o.
hologram trace
i d.o.
love me d.o.
moonlight boy
my kyungsoo
oh, do!
place of sunshine
sticky sweet
suave island
you can do it
소나기가 한번 지나갈 동안

I just had to okai. He’s so cute. o w o
Catching Feelings -
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“Haha, do you still not see it? With one look, ah! My favourite crown prince! That’s crown prince Park Yoochun. When he found out that we share the same birthday he greeted me happily, and I’m totally touched. From now on, my ideal type is crown prince Park Yoochun”

Kim So Hyun (120214 Child actress on Rooftop Prince)
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