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A girl who wanna live day by day and create awesome memories
so when i'm gone i'll be remembered with pleasure.


I’ve been asked to do this kind of tutorial ever since I first started posting speed paints and art online so it’s about time that I sit down and make a little something for all of those who has asked me. 
PS. it’s not super informative it’s basically just rambles but hopefully someone will find this useful?
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When someone you don’t like, tries to be “friends” with you… (¬_¬)

140523 EXO - THE LOST PLANET IN SEOUL - 1ST DAY - Fancam Compilation→


  1. * - very short mostly lq videos (most of them are from instagram)
  2. yt - youtube videos

1. Intro + VCR

2. MAMA (remix…

Slow Jam? - Kyungsoo
with 25,233 plays
Tell Me What Is Love [HQ] - Kyungsoo
with 29,267 plays
with 4,621 plays
- 30 secs of D.O's different voices
with 68,055 plays
Two Melodies Zion.T ft. Crush - JUNGKOOK
with 817 plays
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